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Gasket Failures

The cause of gasket failures has been a key question from engineers and mechanics since their invention. The objective of this blog is to help upcoming engineers, maintenance personnel and consumers to diagnose the cause of a gaskets failure, and to provide solutions.

We welcome submittals of your own cause and solution stories to help pass on the knowledge for a better sealed world. Through knowledge we can have “A Better Sealed World”.

With 30 years of experience with both soft goods, and metal gaskets we are uniquely qualified. Our soft good knowledge includes: Garlock, Durlon, Thermoseal, Armstrong, FMI-Spa, Latty, Ameri-lon, Grafoil, SGL, Utex, Sepco, Flexible Graphite, PTFE, Expanded PTFE, Viton, FKM, Aflas, Buna-N, EPDM, Neoprene, Fishpaper, SBR, Silicone, Cork, Gum Rubber. We will address metal gaskets later.

Playing Sherlock - Every gasket that fails, tells a story. Always diagnose a failed gasket before replacing the gasket. Never assume the last guy knew what he was doing, even if it was your dad that put it in.

50% of gasket failures are due to poor installation. The other half are the result of using the wrong material. For help with installation click here.

When a gasket has failed because the application exceeds the material capabilities, the first consideration is was the cause, heat, chemical, torque (over or under compression), surface finish, or poor gasket design.

Gasket design becomes a factor in lower bolt load applications. Occasionally a simple redesign of a gasket can increase the amount of load placed on the gasket by the existing fasteners. Removal of some material from the core of the gasket. Durlon RCA, a Gasket Resources product is an example of this.


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